Earthrise @William Anders - 1968

Anatole 42 is a
Design Agency
focussing on
the Space Sector


We help Space Organization
to improve their digital
and physical Product


By ensuring the product's
user could use it,
understand it and like it

Because increasing product's desirability and usability will lead
to increased sales and uptake
The "Newspace" is challenging traditional space industry as the "Digital transformation" has challenged many sectors in the past decade (Transport, Telco, Finance, ...).
Design methodologies prove to be helpful in those transitions, using :

‍🌘 Data gathering
🌗 Collective Intelligence facilitation
🌕 Low Fidelity Prototyping
You are curious
about improving your product ?

let's talk :-)



Planetary Nebula @Nasa_GSFC

You know

What you need to build

But you might not know
how to make your product
loved by your user

How to build it

But you might not know
how to make your process
adopted by your team
Why it makes sense

But you might not know
how to make your vision
shared with your stakeholders

So, let's design

Better product
by embracing
your users' perception.
Better process
by factoring your
collaborators' constraints.
Better vision
by creating trust between
your stakeholders.
See our case studies

They’re trusting us



Thomas Pesquet @ESA

Us ?

We are
Designers / Developers / Business Analysts / Strategists / Facilitators / Coachs / Sociologists / …
We believe
Design helps harmonize the relation between people and technology
We want
Impact, rising the right challenge
Inclusion, bringing the right people
Integrity, taking the right decision

Meet our people

You ?

We would love to know more about your challenge. 

Let's have a call! So we can get to know each other, understand your challenge and see how we can help.
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